Earth Day gone Wine on the Western Iowa Wine Trail

Our Spring event on the Western Iowa Wine Trail this year is themed around Earth Day.  Each winery will prepare locally grown and produced products.  To participate in the event, all you need to do is buy a passport for the weekend.  Passport prices will be $20/person until midnight on March 31st.  On April 1st, prices will go up to $30/person.  You travel to each of the 6 wineries on the Western Iowa Wine Trail where each winery will prepare a food item from local grown items.  The winery will pair their item with one of their wines.  You will be able to taste 3 additional wines at each winery and receive a 15% discount on all wine purchases at each winery.  You can visit the wine trail website to purchase your passports, or call the winery you choose to start at to reserve your passport.  Designated drivers are encouraged, and will receive food and complimentary pop or water at each stop.